2 сентября 2018

This year MIPT's Football Day becomes International!

All "fiztehs" (MIPT graduates) that are currently located away from lovely Dolgoprudny get on the pitch during September 8-9
with their friends, family members or colleagues, and join our big and friendly football family.

Send us your sketches about football in far-away places. Photo, video, stories and tales...
They will be all published on our specialised information resources. Every author gets a prize - Phystech Football Club pennant.
Best authors will be rewarded with a more substantial prizes from Phystech - Club's official polo shirt.

You can purchase official outfits of Phystech FC and Football Day in the webstore.

polo-zheltoe-phystech (1).jpg  polo-zheltoe-phystech (2).jpg  polo-zheltoe-phystech.jpg

 Special edition for MATCH VEKA (24-hours match) 2018 still available: 

Opera Снимок_2018-05-23_111933_football-mipt.bitrix24.ru.png

Links to 2017 Football Day Resources (rus).

Day 1 report - September 9

Final Report.

MIPT Student Championship Report.

Короткая ссылка на новость: https://www.football-mipt.ru/~fnMcU